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AFS builds sustainable partnerships with schools

Teachers and educators have long been an integral part of AFS’s secondary school intercultural exchange programs and we have always highly appreciated the placement and support that schools give to…

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A great experience for the whole family

This morning we left for work while the kids were still asleep. I left a note on the fridge saying, “Lunch is on the stove”. That is nothing unusual, except…

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Just do it. Jump in!

We have always loved the idea of having a student from abroad live with us as we felt it would be a great experience for our girls to learn lots…

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An enriching cultural experience

We gained a lot by hosting Davis for a year, this experience helped us understand that each culture is different, and that no culture is better or worse than any…

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Having the time of my life

I’ve already been an exchange student for a month. It’s so unbelievable. To be honest, this month was the best of my life so far. Only one month, but so many…

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Realizing my dreams

“Tak kenal maka tak sayang” This is a popular saying from my beautiful country, Indonesia. It means, if you do not know about something, then you cannot be in love.…

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A stepping stone for my dream

I’m a little shy, I can also be a little bit crazy. I’m funny; I like a good laugh and I love to read, too. Sometimes I just sit still…